By Sidni Shorter In Strategic Finance Posted April 29, 2013 0 Comments

Who Best Meets My Needs: CPA or CFO?

The age old question, “do I need a CPA or a CFO?” Often times to save money or simply out of a lack of knowledge, organizations will ask a CPA to fulfill the duties of a CFO. Worse yet some CEOs will hire a CPA and not have a CFO at all. Either decision can be extremely detrimental to a company and its financial future. Understanding the quintessential differences of each position is of paramount importance in making an informed decision.
Too many times companies confuse roles of a CPA and a CFO which leaves most companies with great “books” but without a financial plan. Both of which are important and in a good business work hand in hand.
Visit for information on why having both a CPA and CFO is essential to the financial success of your business.

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