Hull House
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FINANCIAL LEADERSHIP: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SURVIVAL AND INSOLVENCY FOR NONPROFITS By: Erica McGeachy Crenshaw, Execute Now! The nonprofit community recently lost a 123 year old prolific leader and strategic partner that opened doors for many others with a strong desire to change lives. That leader was none other than the renowned, Chicago-based Jane Addams Hull […]
Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey Highlights Boards and Funders
Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey Points to Boards and Funders More than 4,000 nonprofits responded to the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) survey this spring about their financial affairs and the results were incredibly disheartening. NFF President and CEO Antony Bugg-Levine called the nonprofit sector “a system increasingly under pressure and one that will crack.” Only 43 […]
Financial Factors Embodied by a Strong Board
Financial Factors That a Strong Board Embodies A recent article by governance guru and author of Leveraging Good Will Alice Korngold had me nodding my head vigorously. “The Role of the onprofit Board: Four Essential Factors for Effective Governance” is an essential reminder for nonprofit leaders and board members of the important relationship between executive […]
Holiday Season Brings Human Services Funding Dilemma Solutions to Light
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Holiday season brings human services funding dilemma and solutions to light As we close out Thanksgiving and look ahead to the Christmas festivities, many Americans are not only thankful for their personal well-being, but they are also volunteering to help others in many human service organizations throughout the country. For those of us who work […]
New survey reveals nonprofits adapting to a new reality
New survey reveals nonprofits are adapting to a new reality “Nonprofits are changing the way they do business because they have to: government funding is not returning to pre-recession levels, philanthropic dollars are limited, and demand for critical services has climbed dramatically,” asserts Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). The NFF has released […]
Interview with Jody Deffes, relishes training clients
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Execute Now!’s Jody Deffes relishes training his clients “I have a small problem—I can’t do anything halfway,” confesses Jody Deffes. Deffes is a senior staff accountant with Execute Now! and has been assisting nonprofits with their financials for the past year. The nonprofits who’ve worked with Deffes during the past year have no doubt experienced […]
A healthy dose of kindness weakens our financial position
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A healthy dose of kindness weakens our financial position Why is everyone in the nonprofit sector so darn nice to one another? Albert Rugesa, president of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, says the constant kindness in our sector is going to be what kills our causes in the end. Caroline Preston’s Chronicle of Philanthropy article, […]
Four trends will impact your financial management
Four trends will impact your financial management Many of us wish we had a crystal ball for strategic planning and financial forecasting. Marc Chardon, CEO of nonprofit software provider Blackbaud, came close to this wish in his article last month, “Peering into the Nonprofit Crystal Ball.” He identified four key trends that will have the […]
Two thriving economies with divergent futures
Two thriving nonprofit economies with divergent stories to tell Over the past two months I couldn’’t help but notice the convergence of several articles reporting positively about the nonprofit sector in both Indiana and Maryland.  Each state has acknowledged the significant impact the sector has on their employment rate, the local economy and their respective […]
A New Year and a New Business Model
A New Year and a New Business Model It’s no coincidence our sector is looking at redefining its business models when 88% of nonprofits in 2012 were faced with increases in the demand for their services despite 57% barely having enough cash on hand to last them three months. In “ Pride & Prejudice: (What) […]